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I Professional Development and Mentoring Groups

Find your Voice, Express your Vision


Started this Fall 2020 and will continue to form in Winter And Spring 2021 


These are small safe groups for women with ADHD who are helping professionals representing many different domains in the field. (mental health professionals, coaches, organizers, support group leaders, medical providers, podcasters/bloggers and more.


Bright women with ADHD often have many and/ or innovative ideas along with individual challenges in formulating, synthesizing, and expressing them. You may have hopes and dreams for the way you want to practice your profession or for the kind of impact you want to make in the field. My hope is that this small safe group will be a place for you to safely experiment with developing or clarifying your vision or ideas.

At this stage of my career, I find it tremendously rewarding to mentor younger professionals. I will spend part of each session sharing lessons learned from my over thirty years in the field, including reputation and relationship building, developing a niche, working collaboratively while still finding your own unique way of contributing.

This group is a new concept- not coaching, counseling, consultation, or a personal support group.  Rather, my goal for this group is to find that sweet spot where you can practice finding your voice and focus on your own professional growth and development.

Features and Details

On Zoom with Sari

Small four -five people

Groups meet Once a Month for 75 minutes.

Series of four meetings

One free individual 20 minute zoom meeting with Sari for each participant over course of the four month period. 

Private facebook groups for each kind of group to support and share in between meetings for those who desire this. 


Coming also in Winter and Spring of 2021


II Small Case Consultation Groups with Sari for

Women Mental Health Professionals with ADHD who work with or want to work with women with ADHD

This will be a mixture of case discussion, book club using Solden’s books, and the application of her humanistic teaching tool that changes the conversation about how to help neurodiverse women.  This small group experience provides a chance to learn up close and personal from Sari’s who has over thirty years clinical experience counseling women with ADHD.



Both kind of groups are designed to provide the kind of a safe group environment for women  professionals in the field who have ADHD that doesn’t exist when shared with neurotypical professionals. Depending on which type of group you choose, you will increase your understanding of either the nuances of working with women with ADHD or of creating a fulfilling professional life as women with these unique strengths and challenges. . 



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These services are also offered in individual sessions for women professionals with ADHD


Individual consultation for neurotypical mental health and other helping professionals who are working with women with ADHD are also available. 

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