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Please join us for these pioneering group consultation events as we facilitate a change in conversation, professional development, and connection among diverse helping professionals who want to work in a person-centered way with adults in neuro-diverse communities. 

Why Group Consultation?

Group consultation allows me to positively impact more people than I ever could if I met one person at a time and is a less expensive way to consult with me. 


The work we do, no matter our fields, can feel isolating at times. Belonging to a group of like-minded people who want to continue to grow professionally by learning together and supporting one another can be a powerful catalyst for your own work in the world. 


Interacting in a group allows you to expand your view, hear and share real-life scenarios, challenges, and successes when working with clients/patients/groups from a whole-person perspective, and appreciate the different skills and roles offered by various helping professionals to support adults with ADHD. 


You can share a success or ask for help in a situation that may have you feeling stuck, or just listen and help others, and expand your view to grow personally and professionally. 


You’ll make connections with like-minded professionals and meet possible referral partners.   


I’m excited to be offering these sessions with Anne Marie Nantais, a certified ADHD coach. She is someone I refer my own clients to and who is very much an expert in her own field as well as someone who shares my perspective on working with neuro-diverse individuals.   




-       Led by Sari Solden, therapist, and Anne Marie Nantais, ADHD coach.


-       Small group for maximum connection.


-       Our intention is to achieve a balance of fields including coaches, mental health professionals, organizers, support group leaders, podcasters, educators, health professionals, occupational therapists, and more. 


-       We aim to create a safe, confidential space to have professional conversations. 


-       Using a new teaching tool from Sari as our reference, we’ll explore how to apply a humanistic (person-centered) model vs. a more traditional model (a focus solely on improving symptoms) to your work, no matter your field. 


-       We will expand and integrate our humanistic principles with some foundational self-care in light of this challenging time.


-       Two participants (known ahead of time – no surprises!) will share a scenario from their work and receive consultation from Sari and Anne Marie. If desired, feedback can be requested from other participants.  


-       Online meeting, video conference


-       $70 for one session, $120 for both. 


About a week before, you will receive: 

·      A Zoom link to join


·      Guidelines for participating in group consultation, whether presenting or listening.


·      Sari’s new teaching tool created for this group, “Change the Conversation” with our core principles to help our clients to grow in acceptance of themselves.  This document will be the framework from which we will view the scenarios shared by participants. 


·      Self-care considerations for professionals and adults with ADHD during this time of frequent change and uncertainty due to Covid-19. 


·      If you are sharing a scenario from your work, either Sari or Anne Marie will meet with you ahead of time to make it as easy and comfortable as possible. 


After the event:

You will have password access for a week to review the session recording.

(limited for purposes of confidentiality) 


For those who consent, a list of names and emails will be shared with participants of that event to encourage ongoing connection and conversation. 

Saturday, May 30         3 – 4:30 p.m. Eastern

Saturday, June 27        3 – 4:30 p.m. Eastern


Attend one for $70

Attend both for $120 


Register for either or both: Register Here! 


If you are asking “Is this a good fit for me?”



*Want to be part of a small supportive group of professionals where you can receive guidance from colleagues and leaders in the field? 


*Feel somewhat isolated in your work and want to grow professionally and in your career?


*Have a desire to develop and share your ideas about an approach that values neuro-diverse adults and views them through a whole-person lens?


*Already lean toward a humanistic and healing view of neuro-diverse individuals to help them lead fulfilled, meaningful lives? 


If so, we invite you to join us at the beginning of this cutting-edge movement to foster changes in your individual approaches and pioneer the direction of helping professionals in the field of ADHD.



Saturday, May 30         3 – 4:30 p.m. Eastern

Saturday, June 27        3 – 4:30 p.m. Eastern


Register for either or both: Register Here!

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