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2017- Happy New Year

First, we want to wish you a BOLD and BRAVE New Year.

We spend much of our time teaching women to set boundaries, to say “no” to the demands and needs of others, to say “no” to the limiting view of them from others, to say “no” to their own distorted or narrow view of themselves.

Now we want you to help us make 2017 the year of saying “yes!”  Saying “yes” to yourself, to new experiences, to new connections. Saying “yes” to taking one new brave (even if small) step.

Say ”yes” to taking a step out of your room and into your life, say “yes” to living with your challenges instead of waiting to get over them, say “yes” to little offers of kindness or friendship from other people.

Whatever you are dreaming about, ready for right now, this new year, experiment with saying “yes” to yourself.  Disorganized? Forgetful? It doesn’t matter to all those people you pass by who might love you or have wonderful gifts to give you and receive from you if they only knew you, all of who you really are. Lets make 2017 about saying “yes, this is me!”, instead of  hiding and pretending and withdrawing.

Write to us at and tell us how you will say “yes” this year.

We think to be bold and to be brave are ongoing goals for all of us all through out our lives. They will take different forms for each of us, but only we ourselves, know inside of us, what is a leap, what is the next step that helps us face our fears.

In 2017, find some people or even one person to support you and then close your eyes and jump in the deep end or open your eyes wide and wade in… Whatever your own style is.

So remember, in 2017, say yes to yourself first and then, when you find the right people or person, let them in, say “yes.”

It can be a quiet yes. In fact, others might not even notice your changes, your opening up at first.  It can start small but if you start (the hardest part of all this) it will grow.

Remember life is messy!

Birth (creation of anything) is messy!

Here’s to a brave, bold, and yes messy but wonderful 2017.

All our best,

Sari and Michelle

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