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Sari Solden & Associates is a private practice in Ann Arbor, MI, that specializes in providing psychotherapy and consultation and assessment to men and women with ADHD and their loved ones.

Psychotherapist Sari Solden, MS, is a pioneer in the field of counseling women and men with the strengths and struggles of ADHD. She is the author of three popular books and is a well-known, international keynote speaker on the subject.

We have found that most people like to think that ADHD is something that can be “fixed.” In fact, that is often the reason for initially seeking help. Many people with ADHD often feel as if they NEED to be fixed, they feel broken. The truth is, there is no quick fix. We do not offer one. We have no interest in fixing people; only helping them find a path to contentment, personal satisfaction, and healing.

Sari Solden & Associates was built on a foundation of expertise in ADHD, but is also influenced by minority mental health and multi-cultural considerations, mindfulness-based practices, psychoeducational guidance, narrative therapy, and women’s psychology.

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Counseling, Consultation, and Assessment for Adults with ADHD


NOTE: TEMPORARY NOTICE UNTIL EARLY SEPTEMBER, 2021.  Sari AND Jennifer are not accepting new clients at this time.  


Sari and Jennifer wants to let you know that they will also not be responding to new requests for individual counseling or consultation services with either of them or requests for outside referrals until September, 2021.  They will continue to see there existing clients and groups. 


The procedure at this point is for you to fill out the contact form with your purpose for contacting Sari and then if you would still like information on counseling/consults with Sari or Jennifer after September 2021, please contact us again. In this way we will have you on the list already when you check back.

SARI SOLDEN AND ASSOCIATES is still providing ONGOING ASSESSMENT SERVICES with NO interruption. Please fill out contact form if you are interested in more information.​​




Sari is continuing to do a variety of groups and webinars to meet the needs of the many women wanting help, so please fill out your contact information and we will keep you posted about those. 






For media or interviews or other speaking requests fill out the contact form or contact 


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