Evaluation with Dr. Spencer


The Process

Your evaluation will begin with a discussion of your needs and concerns. I want to get to know each of you as an individual because you will be evaluated as such. We will form a plan for testing and feedback so that each of your issues are addressed in a thorough fashion. The time commitment for the testing portion can range from approximately 1 to up to 8 hours depending on your needs and the issues you would like to have addressed. For instance, complete ADHD evaluations can require 6-8 hours, whereas evaluations for dementia commonly require 3-6 hours of testing.


After the assessment is complete, we will meet to talk about the results during a feedback session. For most clients, the time between completing testing and finding out the test results can be a particularly stressful part of the evaluation, therefore it is my goal to work quickly so we can instead allay fears and collaborate on a path forward. The feedback session is by far my favorite part of the evaluation, as it gives us an opportunity to transform test scores into potential solutions to meet your needs.

Two Basic Categories of Neuropsychological Evaluation 


Dr. Robert Spencer is offering for adults over age 18

  1. Age Related Memory concerns for adults with or without ADHD. Click Here for More Information.

  2. ADHD and Learning Disorders Click Here for More Information.



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