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Dr Spencer Professional Bio

What I believe

During my twelve years in Ann Arbor I have worked as both a clinical psychologist and a neuropsychologist, at the VA hospital in Ann Arbor and I am now excited to expand my assessment services through private practice. I believe testing should be a collaboration. I offer psychological and neuropsychological evaluations for a diverse array of issues including ADHD and dementia. My assessments are a joint venture, and it is my goal for each evaluation to be customized to meet the needs of my clients. In my experience, it is too frequent for psychological testing to be cold and impersonal. I believe assessments are more accurate and more beneficial when individuals feel comfortable, respected, and are encouraged to express their individuality and not just reveal their weaknesses. As a neuropsychologist, I am committed to making testing an enriching experience and hope to serve as a catalyst towards helping people devise a meaningful plan forward. Click here for info on the process.



Robert Spencer has been an independently licensed neuropsychologist in Ann Arbor serving Washtenaw County and surrounding areas since 2010. He is Chief of Neuropsychology at the Ann Arbor VA Hospital and is on faculty at the University of Michigan as a Clinical Assistant Professor. ​He has contributed to the field of neuropsychology through research, clinical work, and education. 

   Dr. Spencer received his PhD from the University of Maryland Baltimore County with specialties in Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Medicine. His internship and post-doctoral fellowship were completed through the Ann Arbor VA with a focus in neuropsychology.

​    His research has included contributions as a scientist, reviewer and presenter. He has authored over 30 peer-reviewed publications in journals such as: The Clinical Neuropsychologist, Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neuropsychology, Applied Neuropsychology: Adult, Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development, and Military Medicine. He has written 3 book chapters, and made over 100 presentations at local, national and international venues. He serves on one editorial board for the journal Perceptual & Motor Skills and is a frequent ad hoc reviewer of journal articles.

​His clinical duties have centered around neuropsychological assessment (with an emphasis on adult ADHD, dementia evaluations, and traumatic brain injury)

​    His educational contributions include supervision, mentorship and classroom teaching. Currently he mentors postdoctoral fellows, predoctoral interns, and graduate students. He teaches a weekly class on the interpretation of neuropsychological tests and objective personality instruments and has helped to create training videos on the assessment of traumatic brain injury, use of diagnostic statistics, and a guide for physicians on how to use neuropsychological services.

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