Age Related Memory Concerns for Adults With Or Without ADHD 

We are one of the few places that looks at intersection between possible ADHD and other memory/age related issues.


Our goals are to be able to:

·  Decrease the possible misdiagnosis of dementia and other cognitive impairments when an older person with or without ADHD has memory challenges. 

·  Identify early on if a cognitive decline has begun for optimal early intervention and treatment planning.

·  Reassure older adults when the changes they are experiencing are in the normal range of aging. 

·  Establish a baseline that measures cognitive functioning at the time of evaluation so that any future increase in symptoms can be compared and provide a context for new evaluation and measurement. 


The following evaluations might be combined or selected to help with those determinations. 



(A Point of Reference for Future Evaluation)

The Process 

You will complete a battery of tests measuring a variety of cognitive skills. Together we will review your scores, and you will be provided with a written report that details your cognitive strengths and weaknesses that you can bring with you to future medical appointments as the need arises.

Range of Depth and Time

This depth of evaluation needed will be determined on an individual basis. The assessment will range from approximately 3-6 hours.  Please call for details of fees and insurance coordination.


The decision-making process about the depth and length of the evaluation will occur in your initial session with Dr Spencer as you discuss your goals.



(Dementia or Other Forms of Cognitive Impairment) 

Dementia affects millions of Americans and can be frightening to clients and their families.     Dr. Spencer believes that the purpose of an assessment of cognitive functioning is to provide an accurate diagnosis and develop a strength-based approach to allow individuals to live life with independence and dignity. 

We will evaluate for various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer's, vascular dementia, frontotemporal dementia, and mild cognitive impairment among others.

Who And How Can Benefit From This Type of Evaluation

When you find yourself becoming increasingly concerned with your memory or when you feel that some of your everyday tasks are becoming more challenging, this kind of evaluation can be of great benefit.

It can either provide reassurance that your concerns are in the range for normal aging, or if a problem is detected, then a referral for early intervention and planning can begin to address and help your cognitive functioning.


Range of Depth and Time

Results will be reviewed with you either on the day of your appointment or during a separate meeting. Family participation for all portions of the evaluation and the feedback are encouraged. 

These evaluations can start with screenings that can help identify when a full diagnostic evaluation may be necessary and if that determination is made, we can expand and proceed to a more comprehensive assessment.  


These evaluations can range from 3-6 hours depending on how comprehensive an evaluation is needed. Please call for details of fees and insurance coordination.

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