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A Basic ADHD Focused Assessment


An Overview

ADHD and learning disorders affect millions of adults and can impair occupational, scholastic, and social quality of life and your sense of self and identity.  For many people who have struggled for years, blaming themselves, having a diagnosis can reframe difficulties as solvable obstacles, and this basic assessment can help uncover the strengths and assets that often are masked by perceived inadequacies. When these difficulties prevent you from having the opportunity for success, this kind of evaluation can help you gain a basic understanding of some of your life- long cognitive and organizational struggles and begin to alleviate some of the confusion, shame, and guilt you may feel. With this basic knowledge you may seek out coaching, counseling, or connection with the wider ADHD community. This focused evaluation can also help your physician feel comfortable prescribing medication for ADHD if recommended.

Description of the Process 

This basic ADHD focused evaluation includes measures of intelligence, attention, executive functioning. 


For Who or When Needed

Adults whose doctors want an ADHD screening in order to prescribe medication.


For individuals who want to gain their own personal understanding of their challenges and strengths.


Range of Depth and Time 

This evaluation will touch on each bullet points below, but will primarily be an ADHD-focused evaluation.

  • Cognitive Functioning

  • Memory

  • Executive Function 

  • Attention

  • Approximate cost $1400.00

  • Approximate time of testing  between 2.5 and 5 hours

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