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ADHD (and/or Learning Disorders)

      A Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment


An Overview 

ADHD and learning disorders affect millions of adults and can impair occupational, scholastic, and social quality of life. For many people who have struggled for years, blaming themselves, having a diagnosis can reframe difficulties as solvable obstacles, and a thorough assessment can help uncover the strengths and assets that often are masked by perceived inadequacies. When these difficulties prevent you from having the opportunity for success, a proper evaluation can lead to accommodations with schools and places of business.


Description of the Process

Testing includes measures of intelligence, attention, reading, math, executive functioning, and personality. Evaluations often include review of school records, clinical interview, and checklists that are completed by others who know you well. 

(If the evaluation will be used to request university accommodations, prior to testing we will confirm that the methods we use fulfill the requirements of your university's Student Disability Services.)



For Who or When Needed

​College age adults with ADHD or returning older students who need accommodations 


Adults with complex cases teasing out ADHD with or from giftedness, trauma, depression and anxiety, learning disorders.


People who want the full understanding of themselves as a whole person, to emphasize strengths and not view themselves through a pathological lens.


Range of Depth and Time

The evaluation goes into great detail all of these bullet points below.

  • Cognitive Functioning

  • Memory

  • Executive Function 

  • Attention

  • Mental Health

  • Approximate cost $3200.00

  • Approximate length of testing 6-8 hours


Note: Comprehensive Testing can last up to 8 hours and can be spread over 2 days if preferred. We offer these evaluations for people age 18 and older.  Please call for details of fees and insurance coordination.


Learning differences if detected may change the scope of the evaluation and will be discussed at the time. 

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